Reflecting on Sunday's Readings

A FREE small-group bible study on the Sunday Mass readings, Reflecting on Sunday's Readings introduces participants to small-group discussion materials based on the Scripture passages used in the upcoming Sunday's Mass.

Each passage is printed along with a few questions designed to engage the heart and stimulate discussion. The monthly download is FREE and studies can be reproduced as needed for your study group.

Please note that only the references to the Sunday Readings will be provided for the NABRE, as requested by the USCCB copyright holders, however we include a link to the USCCB website, where the passages can be downloaded (click here). An alternative would be for users to simply refer to their own copy of the New American Bible or the Sunday Missal that contains the readings.

For the RSVCE version of Reflecting On Sunday’s Readings the passages will continue to be included along with the study.

Click on the links below to access each version page.

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